Last Night At The Casino #12


It’s been a little while since the last issue of Last Night At The Casino, the semi-regular ‘zine about the life of a dealer known as Billy; we were a little concerned that the last issue might have been his last. (Not too worried, as he’s also a prolific zinester, but still…) Last Night At The Casino #12 is a bit different, and it’s a bit different in an interesting, introspective way. Instead of giving us tales of his employment escapades, Billy offers up thirty-seven one-dollar casino chips he’s collected over the past few years and the stories behind how he got them.

What makes this issue compelling is how Billy’s life plays a nice little supporting role. He falls in love, gets married, divorced, falls in love again, and doing so along the way he and his love have a lot of fun gambling, and we get to experience it. Of course, you still learn things about gambling, as Billy always wants to edify the reader. For instance, I did not realize that one is never supposed to take a Roulette chip off of the table, even if it’s only a dollar. It’s just not done. Nor did I know that Oklahoma casinos don’t use dice for their craps tables…they use playing cards. Huh.

Last Night At The Casino is always a delight to read, and this one is no exception. Worth noting is that there’s a limited edition version of this ‘zine, printed in color, and with one of the 37 chips attached as a bonus.

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