George Walker: Lilacs For Voice And Orchestra

I must admit, I was not familiar with George Walker until a few days ago, and It’s a shame that I’m getting to discover this classical composer shortly after his passing last year. Better late than never, I suppose, because everything I’ve heard so far is absolutely fantastic. It’s hard to deny the beauty one of his absolute masterpieces, entitled Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra, a 1996 composition based on the poetry of Walt Whitman, and it was the winner of the Pulitzer Prize In Music. Walker was the first African-American to receive the honor, and we are proud to present this performance by the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra, featuring Faye Robinson on voice. This was the first commercial release of the composition, and is found on a superb album that pays tribute to the composer entitled Lilacs For Voice and Orchestra: The Music Of George Walker.


Furthermore, here is an excellent documentary produced in honor of his 90th birthday that I find to be very informative and compelling:

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