Song Of The Day: Marc Almond, “Teenage Dream”

Marc Almond

When American producer Hal Willner died in April, it marked the passing of a beloved musical figure. Known for his brilliant compilations, his final project was a Marc Bolan and T. Rex tribute compilation. That album,  AngelHeaded Hipster, is an impressive two-disc collection spanning Bolan’s career. Furthermore, the collection offers a stunning array of performers, ranging from musical titans and worthy up-and-comers to names you’ve not heard from in years. While the album contains plenty of highlights, we’ve really enjoyed Marc Almond‘s take on “Teenage Dream,” Bolan’s 1974 single. Almond takes good care of the song, offering up a gothic cabaret jazz version that enhances the song, yet remains quite faithful to it. One can hear that Almond loves this song, and it’s not hard to imagine him as a teenager swooning over Bolan and T. Rex.

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