Song Of The Day: Gasoline Lollipops, “Train To Ride”

Gasoline Lollipops

Boulder, Colorado’s Gasoline Lollipops specialize in good-time country rock mixed with a little bit of soul and a dash of boogie. Yet they’re also a band with a social conscience, and with the state of the world, good-time fun feels…inappropriate. Unsurprisingly, the band recognizes this, and it’s to their benefit. Their latest release, All The Misery Money Can Buy, offers up eleven songs that reflect the times. Yet even though our culture has reached a boiling point, mastermind Clay Rose understands that the personal is also political. Thus, the album shuffles between political commentary and introspective reflections on life and love. Nether topic seems overdone, nor are they incongruous. This formula simply works.

The soulful “Train To Ride” wins the prize for repeat listen, where Rose laments a heartbreak, and when the singers and organ comes in, our heart breaks as well. (Oh, by the way, we will never say no to backup singers and a potent organ lick, just in case you wanted to know what to get us for Christmas.)

Purchase Gasoline Lollipops All The Misery Money Can Buy: Soundly Music

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