Song Of The Day: Candy Opera, “These Days Are Ours”

Candy Opera

Funny what happens when a reissue campaign takes a life of its own. Up until 2018, only a small handful aging Liverpudlians knew the name Candy Opera. The promising band made intelligent rock but never had any luck in getting the record deal they deserved. When German reissue label Firestation released the compilation 45 Revolutions Per Minute, they likely had zero idea that this discovery would blow up as it did. And indeed, it did; said compilation sold out rather quickly. A repress sold out even faster. (Yours truly would have added to the chorus of amazed reviewers had I not been recovering from a major accident.)

Well…the band took notice. Thirty-five years after their breakup, they’re finally releasing their debut album, The Patron Saint Of Heartache. While we’ve not heard their album yet, their first single, “These Days Are Ours,” shows just why their return is so welcome. With a jangle reminiscent of Aztec Camera and The Ocean Blue, the single doesn’t sound like a band coming back–it sounds like the newest release from a band that never went away. Everything about the song declares just how classy this band is. Irrespective of back story, it’s nice to have a new Candy Opera record.

PS. If you love this song, we highly recommend you check out the compilation mentioned above. It’s available on their Bandcamp, and well worth the seven pounds.

Preorder Candy Opera The Patron Saint Of Heartache: A Turntable Friend

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