Song Of The Day: Grandaddy, “Jed The Humanoid”

grandaddy sophtware

Hard to believe, but Grandaddy masterpiece The Sophtware Slump turned twenty. Seems like only yesterday we tuned into Jason Lytle for solace and a state of the union address for those fearing Y2K. But now we live in a time where we  hide in technology because we fear nature, and that it comes on the twentieth anniversary of an album that explores this theme. How fitting is that? So perhaps Lytle’s revisit of these themes on a solitary wooden piano is perhaps the most appropiate thing he could have done to celebrate its anniversary?  “Jed The Humanoid” always brought a tear; this new take is even more melancholic. And we love it for that reason.


Purchase Grandaddy The Sophtware Slump…On A Wooden Piano: Dangerbird

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