Song Of The Day: Belle & Sebastian, “If She Wants Me”

Belle And Sebastian

We will fess up: we don’t consider ourselves to be anything but the most superficial of Belle and Sebastian fans. We don’t wish them ill; they’re just not our thing. Cool?  That out of the way, we always give credit where it’s due. We loved their 2003 album Dear Catastrophe Waitress, and we make no bones about it.  So when we heard of their new double live album What To Look For In Summer, we gave it a cursory glance, and we were happy to see some of our favorites on offer. So we gave it a listen, and the studio versions of songs we loved translated nicely to the stage. Our fave of the lot, “If She Wants Me,” loses none of its ethereal grace. Recorded in Pittsburg on their June 2019 tour, it’s a delightful highlight from a live album we’ve quite enjoyed. Our fandom might not be forthcoming, but we likes what we likes—and this song, we likes.

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