Song Of The Day: Bingo Harry, “Unification”

Bingo Harry

Good luck trying to learn more about Yorkshire’s Bingo Harry, but that’s okay–who doesn’t love the occasional enigma?  It doesn’t hurt that these mystery lads have the talent to go along with it. Their self-titled debut album–produced by Martin Bramah (Blue Orchids, The Fall)  and Simon “Ding” Archer (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, The Fall) certainly proves that these kids take inspiration from the greats. Listen and you’ll hear a bit of the holy trinity of Barrett, Bowie, and Bolan, as well as the occasional touches of XTC and more modern merrymakers King Creosote. For their fine “Unification,” we also hear a bit of Tommy James mixed with Neil Young. Sure, it’s a unique concoction, but one that sounds damn good. The rest of Bingo Harry offers equal delights, a fine start for a promising new group.


Purchase Bingo Harry: Tiny Global Productions 


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