Song Of The Day: Insides, “Misericord”


The electronica duo Insides released one of our favorite 4AD albums of the 1990s, the wonderfully cold and seductive Euphoria. Consisting of vocalist Kirsty Yates and partner Julian Tardo, Euphoria defied easy categorization. Didn’t matter, though; the music stood on its own merits. Unfortunately, the relationship with the label fell apart rather quickly. Aside from an impossible-to-find follow-up release in 2000, Insides fell quiet. But in 2019, word got out that they had reformed. That album, Soft Bonds, saw release earlier this month, and it picks up nicely where they left off. It’s as if the past twenty six years of silence never happened. We quickly developed an addiction to “Misericord,” which finds Yates channeling Nico over a woozy, intoxicating rhythm. It’s all quite sexy, of course, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Purchase Insides Soft Bonds:  Further Distractions


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