Song Of The Day: Modesty Blaise, “Girls Just Wanna Dance”

Modesty Blaise

Learning of the imminent release of the long-awaited third album from Bristol’s Modesty Blaise totally made our day! They impressed us in the late 90s with a slew of superb and fun singles. In 2001 they followed that run with their masterpiece Melancholia. Sadly, the band seemingly disappeared after that. Over the past seven years (geez!), they’ve teased us with the indie-pop Chinese Democracy, the wayyyy too delayed The Modesty Blaise. The album’s third single, “Girls Just Wanna Dance,” gives the long-suffering fans exactly what they want. What, then, might that be? Blaring horns, catchy melodies, cleverly written lyrics, and a whole lot of charm.

Learn More About Modestly Blaise:  Website / From Lo-Fi To Disco!


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