Song Of The Day: E.R. Jurken, “Colonels Of The Morning”

E.R. Jurken

Who is E.R. Jurken? Well, we don’t know, either, but apparently Drag City thinks so highly of him that they’ve launched an entirely new label for him, Country Thyme. Impressive! But that’s not nearly as impressive as the first song from his debut album, I Stand Corrected. Entitles “Colonels Of The Morning,” it’s a sweet little pop nugget. With its sunny vibe and drop-dead gorgeous (and quite unique) vocal harmonizing, it’s as if Brian Wilson had been inspired by Elephant 6 instead of the Four Freshmen. Yes, we’re aware that referencing Brian is cliche, but wait until you hear the end of the song! We have no idea what to expect from the rest of I Stand Corrected…and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Preorder E.R. Jurken I Stand Corrected: Country Thyme

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