Song Of The Day: ABBA, “Just A Notion”

ABBA Just A Notion

One of the highlights of 2021 has been the return of Swedish pop overlords ABBA. Earlier this year, they released two songs from their forthcoming album, Voyage, which comes out next week. Those singles were well-received, yet the songs sounded more like an ABBA tribute band than vibrant new material from one of the most innovative pop bands of all time. But the group’s third single “Just A Notion”–which was written and demoed in 1978 but remained unreleased–removes all doubt about their comeback. With a cheery, upbeat Fifties-inspired melody that’s propelled by fantastic stride piano, it’s a chance for Agnetha and Frida to really shine—and shine they do! All in all, “Just A Notion” not only sounds like the band we fell in love with nearly half a century ago, but it also sounds fresh and new and is a delight on the ears.

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