Song Of The Week: Secret Machines, “Even Out The Overflow”

The Moth, The Lizard, And The Secret Machines is a new Secret Machines album, but it’s not exactly a new record. After Benjamin Curtis left in 2008, the band went into stasis and regrouped with friend, former Tripping Daisy guitarist Philip Karnats. The band began working on a fourth album, but the album never saw the light of day and the band went on hiatus. Now released, it’s obvious that they were right to return to this material, as it’s some of their finest music to date.

Just take a listen to “Even Out The Overflow,” perhaps the album’s best track. It’s got a catchy beat and some of Brandon Curtis‘s sweetest vocals. This is poppy, psychedelic dance music for a new generation, and what’s wrong with that?

Nothing, my friend. Nothing at all…

The Moth, The Lizard, and the Secret Machines is available now from TSM Recordings.

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