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The New Bad Boys In Town: Tiger Moody and Hank Kirton

Lisa Carver examines some recent noir/pulp fiction titles from two literary bad boys who are writing about the darker things in life.

Lisa Carver: The Date Night Porter

Lisa Carver takes on several domination-themed artistic compositions from the past 120 years. Enjoy!

3AM Eternal: Ray Charles “Lift Every Voice And Sing” (1972)

We close out this month’s theme with Ray Charles’ rousing take on the Black National Anthem, and a few thoughts on the past month’s selections.

To Be Alone Must Surely Be Like Paradise For You: Yum Yum’s Dan Loves Patti

The Recoup’s Tim Hinely has a lot of love for the heartbreaking orchestra pop of Yum Yum’s sole album.

Do What Makes Your Heart Hurt Less: The Story of The Paladins’ Million Mile Club

The story of how an album released out of love for a band caused the beginning of the end of a special relationship between a record label, its founder, and its fans.

Rethinkin’ Stinkin’: Elvis Presley’s Great Lost Sides

The 1970s were not kind to Elvis Presley. Personal loss, drug abuse, chronic health issues, massive weight gain, an insane touring schedule, and a return to mediocre material–these factors led to his ultimate demise thirty-six years ago today. While it is indeed true that Elvis’s material in 1970s do not hold up to his greatest… Read More ›

RIP Phil Everly

Woke up this morning to the sad news about the passing of legendary musician Phil Everly. Given his age and his recent health battles, the news is not particularly surprising, but his passing is sad nonetheless. One consolation, though, is knowing that 2013 was the year that the musical world seemingly rediscovered the brothers, with… Read More ›

R.I.P Benjamin Curtis

This is one post that I hate to write. On Sunday, our friend, super-talented multi-instrumentalist and all around awesome fellow Ben Curtis, succumbed to cancer on Sunday, too damn young, at the age of 35. I appreciated the music he made over the years, first with his punk band, UFOFU, then with Tripping Daisy, and… Read More ›