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Happy Valentine’s Day From The Recoup!

Enjoy a song…or two…or a hundred….courtesy of The Recoup!

BREAKING NEWS: Justice for Victor Jara?

It’s been a long time coming, but it seems that justice will finally be served for the murderers of protest Victor Jara. News broke today that two soldiers have been charged for his murder, which took place 41 years ago.  If you’re not aware of the Victor Jara story, click this link for an excellent read…. Read More ›

Happy Birthday To Our Fearless Leader!

A happy birthday wish to our editor and mastermind, and a humble request.


DEAR READERS: You may have noticed that it’s been a little while since last I updated the website. Two weeks ago, I was hospitalized for Hyperglycemia, a potentially fatal disorder, and though that particular life-threatening situation has been dealt with, I’m still facing an ongoing health battle that is, unsurprisingly, quite daunting, physical-wise, emotional-wise, and… Read More ›

RIP Scott Asheton

  No words…just rock.  

We’re Spring-breakin’!

    You may have noticed we’ve not updated…we’re on Spring Break, and will return on March 17th. Have a safe one!  

Obituary: Remembering Amy and Derrick Ross, Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl

Yesterday afternoon, I was devastated by the news of the death of the husband and wife duo known as Nowhere Man and A Whiskey Girl. Amy and Derrick Ross were a loving couple, two unique individuals, and, to me, the epitome of what a loving relationship should be. I first met them in 2004, when I… Read More ›

Welcome To The New Recoup!

Greetings and salutations, friends! I’m happy to announce that The Recoup has a newly-redesigned website, and that we will begin our broadcasting day tomorrow! We’re a bit more organized, and we’ve got a ton of good things coming your way this week! So please, tune in tomorrow–and every day thereafter–to enjoy what The Recoup has… Read More ›

ATHENS GEORGIA FRIENDS: The Recoup Is Now Available At Wuxtry Records!

Friends in Athens, Georgia–if you’d like to pick up a print copy of The Recoup, just mosey on down to Wuxtry Records and pick one up!

AUSTIN FRIENDS: The Recoup Is Now Available at Farewell Books!

Austin friends, you may now pick up your very own copy of The Recoup at Austin’s fine, upscale new bookstore, Farewell Books!