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The Recoup Now Available At Atomic Books!

If you are in the Baltimore area, mosey on down to Atomic Books, hon! Or make with the click-click and purchase it from them online!

The Recoup Now Available In Austin!

I’m in the rush of getting issue two ready for the fall, so it may be a little quiet as of late, but if you’re in the Austin area, you can now pick up the print edition of The Recoup at End Of An Ear. Go check ’em out!

Dallas Friends: The Recoup now available at Good Records

Dallas area friends, you may now pick up a copy of The Recoup at one of our favorite record stores ever, Good Records. Go check ’em out, beat the heat with some cool sounds, say hello to the friendly folk behind the counter, play some Centipede, and tell ’em we sent ya!

Chicago Friends: The Recoup Now Available at Quimby’s!

Chicago friends, the wonderfully fine folk at Quimby’s are now stocking The Recoup on its shelves. Please support both independent publishers (hey, that’s me!) and independent bookstores!

A Memento from 40 Years Ago

Someone posted the above image on Facebook, and it’s a lovely little piece of history. It’s an innocent time; yeah, I ain’t gonna lie and say the times were better; they most certainly were not. Yet there’s a purity to that time, change was coming to the country, and the music of the era represented… Read More ›

The Recoup: First Review + Goodies!

Our awesome friends at the blog Wilfully Obscure have given The Recoup a wonderful review! If you’ve wanted to check out what others think of it–and want to check out one of my favorite blogs–click on the link! As an added bonus, Spavid has put together a fun little sampler of unreleased versions and live… Read More ›


Finally! The Recoup is now available and out for public consumption! If you would like to purchase a copy, please visit our store! Click there to read a few sample pages, too!

THE RECOUP: Free sampler!

FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE: Click here for a nine page sampler! AND REMEMBER: If you’d like to purchase The Recoup, please visit our Etsy store!


If you would like to purchase a digital copy of The Recoup, you may now purchase it via Etsy. Go to our Etsy shop to purchase!

A Teasing Taster of Volume One!

Hi– We’re getting ready to put this baby to bed, and if you’re curious as to what’s in store, take a gander of my profile of Texas Is The Reason for The Big Takeover. The entire conversation will be included in the debut print edition, due in April! Enjoy! Joseph