The Recoup: First Review + Goodies!

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Our awesome friends at the blog Wilfully Obscure have given The Recoup a wonderful review! If you’ve wanted to check out what others think of it–and want to check out one of my favorite blogs–click on the link!

As an added bonus, Spavid has put together a fun little sampler of unreleased versions and live tracks from half a dozen bands featured in the first issue. It’s a great little comp, I shan’t tell you the track listing, but it’s a fun little listen!

Also, I wanted to let you know that for the month of August, I’m running a sale on both the print and the digital version of The Recoup. Between now and August 31st, you can pick one up for a whopping 40% off! All you need to do is enter the code BIRTHDAYSALE at checkout! Here’s a link to the store:

Oh, and if you want a chuckle–and to hear a truly GREAT, BIZARRE but absolutely TRUE rock and roll tale–then check out this link to a recent Polyphonic Spree press conference. Yours truly asked a lovely little question:

My question comes on at the 33:20 mark…and is NOT to be missed!
(Also not to be missed is their excellent new album, Yes, It’s True, released today–go check it out!)


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