Tag: 1963

The Keith Emerson Trio: The Keith Emerson Trio (Cherry Red)

These seven songs capture a teenage Keith Emerson at the start of what would become a tremendous career.

Twilight Music: Andre Previn, “I’m A Dreamer, Aren’t We All?” (1963)

A masterful jazz pianist offers up a lush take of a song from a 1920s-era musical. Just don’t call it ‘easy listening’ unless you mean it nicely….

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “In My Room” (1963)

A fine–if not oddly foreshadowing–song about seeking escape from the world in the confines of one’s room.

3AM Eternal: Sharon Marie “Run-Around Lover” (1963)

Sharon Marie may be an enigma, but her debut single was one of Brian’s first production jobs outside of the band and his friends, and is a fine slice of Northern Soul-minded pop.

3AM Eternal: The Jaynetts “Sally Go ‘Round The Roses” (1963)

  What, a Brooklyn-based girl group from the early 1960s soundtracking a Mafia show? What an original concept….