3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “In My Room” (1963)


“In My Room” has always been a very special Beach Boys song for me. This gorgeous ballad describes the safe retreat one finds in solitude, with the door shut, and the scary world at bay. For Brian, this song would foreshadow Brian’s own mental health issues, as his combined mental illness and heavy drug use would cause him to retreat from the outside world in the Seventies, and would nearly silence the great man.

“In My Room” is meaningful for me, as I cam relate to its escapism, both as a sufferer of depression and as someone who is on the Autism spectrum. Solace from the world is something I have craved when the overwhelming experience of being human becomes way, way too much to bear. Shutting the door, feeling safe, and knowing that you have a barrier, an escape, it is a feeling that really cannot be described.

Unless you’re Brian Wilson, that is…

PS: here’s a german version!

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  1. Love “In My Room”…interesting just to compare and contrast with “Til I Die”, released just a few years later…such incredible songs…brought forth by a damaged psyche. Fascinating.

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