Tag: Keepin’ The Summer Alive

3AM Eternal: Eric Matthews on “The Lonely Sea” (2000)

We have a little chat with Eric Matthews about his fantastic cover of this early Brian Wilson track.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Somewhere Near Japan” (1989)

A lovely little late-period number with a Jeff Lynne-style production, and one interesting backstory.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Sloop John B” (1966)

A fun song from Pet Sounds, and an even more enjoyable promotional film that was made for it!

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Child of Winter” (1974)

Here is a rare treat for those of you in warmer climes…one of the rarer singles from the Beach Boys, a 1974 Christmas confection that nobody heard.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Sweet Sunday Kind Of Love” (1978)

A rare jewel of a song taken from the last you’d expect to find it, one of brother Carl’s nicest later-era performances.

3AM Eternal: The Honeys “Tonight You Belong To Me” (1969)

Brian Wilson’s wife’s project, The Honeys, often served as an outlet for Brian’s production skills. This 1969 single is a lovely little number, if not slightly anachronistic for the times.

3 AM Eternal: Hugo Montenegro “Good Vibrations” (1969)

When mainstream culture takes on psychedelia, the results are interesting., and here’s a fine example. Dig that crazy solo, too!

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “In My Room” (1963)

A fine–if not oddly foreshadowing–song about seeking escape from the world in the confines of one’s room.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Darlin'” (1967)/Sharon Marie “Thinkin’ ‘Bout You Baby” (1964)

A prime example of the Brian Wilson recycling technique.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Wendy” (1964)

Brian and the boys paying homage to the vocal groups they loved so much. Ace tune, too.