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3AM Eternal: Peter Bagge–“In Defense of (And Praise For) Mike Love” (2001)

And now for something completely different…a defense of Mike Love that’s impassioned, important, and interesting. And I agree with the author 100%.

The Beach Boys “Kokomo” (1988)

Yeah, yeah…it’s THAT song. And guess what? We LOVE It.

3AM Eternal: Friends of Dean Martinez “The Warmth of the Sun” (1997)

A lovely little lounge-jazz cover of yesterday’s featured number.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “The Warmth Of The Sun” (1964)

Written on the day President Kennedy was assassinated, this haunting ballad remains one of The Beach Boys’ most sublime numbers.

3AM Eternal: Mike Love “Sumahama” (1978)

This unreleased version of a Mike Love composition would later be re-recorded as a Beach Boys number, but this version is the finer of the two.

3AM Eternal: The Vacant Lot “Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight” (1990)

A punk-rock tribute to Brian Wilson offered many interesting songs; this take on a track from his solo debut album is one of that compilation’s highlights.

3AM Eternal: The Survivors “Pamela Jean” (1964)

A one-off studio production between Brian and his roommate Bob Norberg finds them paying homage to Dion.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “Pet Sounds” (1966)

A beautiful little instrumental passage from their finest album makes for wonderful Sunday morning chill-out listening.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “The Little Girl I Once Knew” (1965)

Though an excellent song, this peculiar 1965 single was the first crack in the facade of Brian Wilson’s success.

3AM Eternal: The Beach Boys “I Just Got My Pay” (1969/1970)

A fun and catchy late 60s outtake that celebrates that most special day of the week: payday!