3AM Eternal: The Honeys “Tonight You Belong To Me” (1969)


The Honeys consisted of Brian’s wife Marilyn, her sister Diane, and cousin Ginger Blake. The trio actually formed about the same time The Beach Boys started to make waves, and though the trio never had any hits, they did serve as a great outlet for Brian’s creative muse, and their singles were always little nuggets of girl-group goodness.  While Brian often wrote their material, he would also offer them classic pop songs and standards from Americana and rearrange them in a contemporary style. (Seek out their version of “Swanee River” and you won’t be disappointed.)

“Tonight You Belong To Me” dates from the Twenties, and this arrangement of the Billy Rose/Lee David song is simply delightful. The song would regain popularity a few years later when it was sung by Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin in the classic film The Jerk. Enjoy!

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