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Elvis Presley’s Great Lost Sides

In honor of The King, we take a listen to a handful of obscure gems from the final decade of his life.

Rethinkin’ Stinkin’: Elvis Presley’s Great Lost Sides

The 1970s were not kind to Elvis Presley. Personal loss, drug abuse, chronic health issues, massive weight gain, an insane touring schedule, and a return to mediocre material–these factors led to his ultimate demise thirty-six years ago today. While it is indeed true that Elvis’s material in 1970s do not hold up to his greatest… Read More ›

Man On The Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s

  Considering how well documented his life has been for the past fifty years, it’s still somewhat rare to get Sir Paul McCartney to sit down and talk about Wings and his career during the Seventies. He’s always been a little wiggly, but fortunately, journalist Tom Doyle has had the rare fortune to get him… Read More ›

The Jimmy Castor Bunch: It’s Just Begun/Phase Two (Robinsongs Records)

You just gotta love a guy who buys back his album and then walks across the street to a competing record label, and when it is released, the once-rejected record is a massive success. That’s the case of Jimmy Castor, who signed to Columbia, and when he turned in his debut album, It’s Just Begun,… Read More ›

Jobriath AD (Factory 25)

Just because someone spends a fortune on publicity, and just because someone is a child prodigy with a natural talent, doesn’t mean that the world is going to pay attention. The entertainment industry is filled with such debacles, and perhaps one of the sadder stories is that of Jobriath. The recent release of documentary Jobriath… Read More ›

Vanilla Fudge: The Complete ATCO Singles (Real Gone Music)

I first heard Vanilla Fudge some time in the mid 1980s, when I’d happened upon a copy of their debut album at Goodwill. I’d heard the name before, and had been told they were really trippy and psychedelic. When I put the record on the stereo, I wasn’t really prepared for what I heard. To… Read More ›

Michael Yonkers & Jim Woehrle: Borders Of My Mind/Michael Yonkers: Michael Lee Yonkers (Drag City)

A decade ago, a new breed of psychedelic musicians rediscovered  Michael Yonkers, a 1970s-era Midwestern lo-fi psych-rocker who had self-released a handful of obscure but highly sought-after albums of grizzly, lo-fi, rough music that defies easy description. The good people at Drag City, in a continued effort to document the lost works of artists you didn’t know you… Read More ›