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Song Of The Day: Martin Rev, “Rodeo”

Taken from the Bureau B release, Clouds Of Glory.

Song Of The Day: Earl Thomas Conley, “Love Don’t Care (Whose Heart It Breaks)

Some words on the career of forgotten country legend Earl Thomas Conley, who passed away yesterday at the age of 77.

Song Of The Day: David Sylvian, “Steel Cathedrals”

Taken from the Virgin Records release, Alchemy: An Index Of Possibilities.

Fishbone “? (Modern Industry)”

For Black History Month, we’re paying tribute to the fantastic artists and entertainers who have enriched our culture. First up: the opening salvo from a band who from the get-go proved that they were not going to be anything less than extraordinary.

Tammy Wynette: Sometimes When We Touch/Higher Ground (Morello Records)

The Eighties proved to be a fallow period for a lot of classic country musicians, Tammy Wynette included. These two late-period records are exceptions to the rule; one, a fine take on contemporary sounds; the other, a true retro country record that featured an all-star cast.

The Rave-Ups: Town + Country (Omnivore Recordings)

The Rave-Ups was an LA-based College Rock band who had a roots-rock heart and a flirtation with mainstream success via an appearance in John Hughes’ classic Sixteen Candles. Their debut album is fine, albeit one with a slight identity problem.

Anna Holmer & Steve Moshier: Breadwoman & Other Tales (RVNG Intl.)

If you’ve never heard anything like this, then you’ll never have heard anything like this. The ethnic music of a world created by JG Ballard, perhaps?

3AM Eternal: Ministry, “Halloween (Remix)” (1985)

Though Ministry might disown this, their first “hit,” it’s still a great little number, and a reminder to keep Hallowe’en in your heart all year round!

Willie and The Poor Boys: Willie And The Poor Boys (Deluxe Edition) (Edsel Records)

Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman’s 1950s inspired supergroup formed as a benefit for friend Ronnie Lane. This enjoyable labor of love gets a 30th Anniversary deluxe reissue, and only serves to highlight the high quality of this delightful one-off.

3AM Eternal: Madonna “Crazy For You” (1985)

In 1985, I hated this song. Taken from the movie Vision Quest and released at the height of Madonna‘s fame, the song was ceaselessly played on the radio. While I always dug Madonna’s music, this song was overplayed,  and i tired of it quickly. Herein lies the problem, though, for songs that get played too much: people get sick… Read More ›