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Tag: 1987

Steve Jones: Mercy/Fire And Gasoline (Rock Candy Records)

In the late 1980s, former sex pistols guitarist Steve Jones launched a brief solo career, issuing two underrated albums of hard rock and heavy metal, both of which have been remastered and rescued from obscurity.

Song Of The Day: Felt, “Autumn”/”Fire Circle”

Taken from the Creation Records release, The Final Resting Of The Ark.

Felt: Poem Of The River (Cherry Red)

Felt’s third album for Creation found them being guinea pigs for the label’s newest concept, which resulted in an album finds them heading into an unexpected new musical direction.

Carly Simon: Coming Around Again: 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (Hot Shot)

By 1987, Carly Simon’s career was in a bit of a slump. After a disastrous attempt to make a contemporary pop album, she launched into make a mature, intelligent record that resulted in some of her best writing to date, and was an international success to boot.

Designate Your Love As Fate: INXS’s Kick at 30

For its 30th Anniversary, writer Ron Hart pontificates on Kick, Australian rock band INXS’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed album.

Bill Nelson: Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights (Esoteric Recordings)

Progressive musician Bill Nelson’s 1987 album was an ambitious double album consisting of minimalistic ambient sonic sketches compiled to form a cohesive whole. This thirtieth anniversary edition offers the set in its entirety, as well as a limited edition seven inch suite and fourteen bonus tracks–adding additional depth to the listening experience.

Tammy Wynette: Sometimes When We Touch/Higher Ground (Morello Records)

The Eighties proved to be a fallow period for a lot of classic country musicians, Tammy Wynette included. These two late-period records are exceptions to the rule; one, a fine take on contemporary sounds; the other, a true retro country record that featured an all-star cast.

Song Of The Day: Tom Armstrong, “Thunder Clouds”

Taken from the Tompkins Square release, The Sky Is An Empty Eye.

Song Of The Day: Steve Dawson, “All I Want”

Taken from the Angel Air Records release, Pandemonium Circus.

How We Live: Dry Land (Esoteric Recordings)

How We Live was the second-chance band of an artist whose first band had been screwed over by record label politics. That this new band would soon face the same fate is frustrating, but the story of How We Live does have a happy ending–and a rare third chance for success in an industry that is resistant to giving anyone a second chance. That their sole album Dry Land happens to be one of the finest lost jewels of the Eighties only makes this story even more (bitter)sweet.