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3AM Eternal: The Church, “Destination” (1987)

The story of a creepy little song on a pen-pal’s enigmatic mix tape, and a years-long mystery.

3AM Eternal: Gerard McMann, “Cry Little Sister” (1987)

Major-label “goth” anthem from the 1980s, but it–and the film it came from–served as a gateway drug to a generation of Goth kids….

3AM Eternal: Foreigner “Say You Will” (1987)

One of Foreigner’s final chart-topping singles marked a distinctive change in their sound, but still lives on as a familiar FM radio staple.

3AM Eternal: The Fat Boys featuring The Beach Boys “Wipe Out” (1987)

A song that’s a lot more fun than you realize, with a video that was both hilarious and yet controversial for Carl Wilson’s appearance.

Andrew Gold The Late Show–Live 1978 (Omnivore Recordings)

This previously unreleased recording of soft-rocker Andrew Gold captures the singer/songwriter on stage and in fine form.

3AM Eternal: The Jesus and Mary Chain “Happy When It Rains” (1987)

The noise-and-feedback-loving Jesus and Mary Chain’s switch towards the melodic and melancholic resulted in this lovely single from 1987.

3AM Eternal: The Alarm “Rain In The Summertime” (1987)

Welsh rockers The Alarm broke onto American radio thanks to an anthemic song that recalls U2.

3AM Eternal: The Dead Milkmen “Going to Graceland” (1987)

  The King is Dead…so let’s pay tribute!  

Belinda Carlisle: Heaven on Earth Deluxe Edition (Edsel Records)

Upon its release in 1987,┬áHeaven on Earth, Belinda Carlisle‘s second solo album, was a grand slam hit. The Go-Go’s lead singer had parlayed the success of her previous band with 1986’s Belinda, which spawned one excellent single, “Mad About You,” but was overall a weak effort from an artist trying to create her own identity… Read More ›

3AM Eternal: Belinda Carlisle Heaven on Earth videos (1987-1988)

We’re going to be doing some different things with this feature, one of which is today’s offering, a collection of the videos released from today’s featured review, which will be posted later this morning. I’ve tried to gather up all the official videos from official sources, but that’s not always possible, so the quality varies…. Read More ›