Song Of The Day: Tom Armstrong, “Thunder Clouds”


Tom Armstrong is the sort of guy vinyl collectors love–a talented guy who lived his life without concern about being a rock and roll star, making records at home with no illusions as to what it all meant. Armstrong was a successful Dallas-based musician whose wife gave him a home recording deck, and fooling around with it resulted in one sole album, The Sky Is An Empty Eye, a gorgeous record of (mostly) guitar instrumental tracks that are at times ambient and other times psychedelic. Released in 1987, it’s safe to assume it never got heard by anyone outside of Armstrong’s immediate circle of friends, but that’s about to change, as Tompkins Square was right on the money in rescuing it from obscurity, releasing it last week. “Thunder Clouds” is my personal fave, a dark, ominous, yet radiant in natural beauty–much like real thunder clouds.

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