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Tag: 1988

Song Of The Day: Felt, “Be Still”

Taken from the Creation Records release, Space Blues.

Felt: Train Above The City (Cherry Red)

Felt’s final album for Creation was a mysterious and puzzling experiment that confounded listeners and didn’t sound anything like Felt.

Felt: The Pictorial Jackson Review (Cherry Red)

After an unsatisfying album experience, it was decided that Felt should quickly turn out a new album, but upon hearing the demos Creation convinced Lawrence to release them virtually as-is resulting in a stark-sounding album that predicted a new style.

The Durutti Column: Without Mercy (Factory Benelux)

For the fourth Durutti Column album, Factory Records mastermind Tony Wilson insisted that the album be an experiment in adapting Vini Reilly’s distinctive music with a modern classical twist. This experiment has been expanded into a whopping four disc set, featuring other recordings from the era and two fantastic live performances.

Matt Bianco: Indigo (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Pop)

For their third album, British jazz pop group Matt Bianco took their sound in a decidedly Latin direction, in hopes of breaking big in America. This deluxe reissue is expanding with a whopping 37 bonus tracks, over three CDs, and shows just how hard they tried.

Spacemen 3: Dreamweapon (Space Age Recordings)

In 1988, British psych rock band Spacemen3 was invited to perform in the lobby of a London art centre. The band provided a 45 minute drone, which when released was labeled as contemporary sitar and music, even though they used no sitars that night. This set offers that performance and additional tracks highlights the more experimental side of one of modern psych rock’s most important groups.

Y Kant Tori Read: Y Kant Tori Read (Rhino)

Y Kant Tori Read, released in 1988, was the proper debut of Tori Amos. She would since disown the project, and the album languished for decades as a rarity. Thus, its low-key digital reissue this month warrants a revisit, and it shows that Amos’s feelings might not have been correct, as it’s a fine album that isn’t nearly as bad as she thinks, and clearly establishes the direction of her solo career.

Song Of The Day: DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, “A Nightmare On My Street”

Taken from the Real Gone Music release, He’s The DJ, I’m The Rapper.

James: Justhipper: The Complete Sire and Blanco Y Negro Recordings 1986-1988 (Cherry Red)

Manchester-based James’ first forays into the major label world were creatively fruitful but commercially disappointing, not helped by the band’s tendency of self-doubt and frequent hiatuses. This two-disc collection compiles their complete output for Blanco Y Negro, offering its idiosyncratic debut album Stutter and its impressive follow-up, Strip-Mine>

Buck Owens/Dwight Yoakam: Live From Austin, TX (New West)

On an October evening in 1988, two generations of Bakersfield musicians came together onstage to record a concert for famed music program Austin City Limits. These two CD/DVD collections present that evening in its entirety, and both sets find the artists in superb form.