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Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “Kokomo” (1988)

Yeah, yeah, we know some people hate it, but I love it. I love it a lot. And The Recoup is all about what I love.

Song Of The Day: Dokken, “Dream Warriors”

Taken from the Rock Candy Records release, Beast From The East.

Fairground Attraction: The First Of A Million Kisses (Cherry Red)

Short-lived roots-rock group Fairground Attraction seemed an odd choice for pop stardom, but in 1988, they quickly became chart-topping successes. The success was short-lived, and they imploded not long after. This collection compiles their entire recorded output, and documents the brief existence of a promising young band.

Julia Fordham: Julia Fordham (Cherry Pop)

Scottish jazz/pop vocalist Julia Fordham’s debut album was a strong, promising start to what has been a fruitful career. This deluxe version proves the point.

Neil Young & Bluenote Cafe: Bluenote Cafe (Reprise)

Bluenote Cafe captures Neil Young’s 1988 tour, where he and his new band Bluenote Cafe proved to be the best damn bar band in the world.

Twilight Music: The Durutti Column, Live in Lisbon, May 1988

A delightful full-length Durutti Column performance from 1988. Eighty minutes of pure, delightful Vini Reilly is to be had.

3AM Eternal: Jane’s Addiction “Summertime Rolls” (1988)

It’s August, and we’re just gonna chillax with some great tunes this month, as we get ready to say goodbye to the summer…

Brian Wilson: Brian Wilson (Rhino)

Brian Wilson’s debut solo album came twenty-seven years into his career, at the time a feat no one expected from the forty-five year old drug casualty. It’s a flawed record but not without its charm.

The Beach Boys “Kokomo” (1988)

Yeah, yeah…it’s THAT song. And guess what? We LOVE It.

Errol Morris: Gates Of Heaven/Vernon, Florida/The Thin Blue Line (Criterion)

Documentarian Errol Morris’ first three films have been reissued by Criterion, and all three show the portrait of a young man growing into one of the country’s most important documentarians.