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Tag: 2002

Song Of The Day: Steve Dawson, “All I Want”

Taken from the Angel Air Records release, Pandemonium Circus.

The Donnas: Spend The Night (HNE Recordings)

The reissue of The Donnas’ fine major label debut provides the opportunity for a rock critic apology.

You Missed It: Birddog Songs From Willipa Bay (2002)

Bill Santen’s final record as Birddog was an understated album of pure dark beauty.

Twilight Music: William Basinski “dlp 1.1” (2002)

A tribute.

3AM Eternal: The Handsome Family “I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling” (2000)

Another wonderfully upbeat country song about cruel fates and little girls.

3AM Eternal: Cave In “Dark Driving” (2002)

“The reality check is in the mail.”

3AM Eternal: The Jasmine Minks “I Heard ‘I Wish It Would Rain'” (2002)

A wonderful ballad from a veteran indiepop band’s unreleased opus, and featuring Pam Berry!

Dude, The Obscure!: Dolly Parton “If” (2002)

Yesterday, I was listening to numerous cover versions of soft-rock band Bread‘s classic ballad, “If.” Various versions passed through my ears–from Rachel Goswell to Joe Pass to Scott Walker and Olivia Newton-John. I thought that the most interesting version I’d hear would be the instrumental jazz fusion take by Herbie Mann. But I was wrong…