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Like Starlight Into Day: A Conversation With Hammock’s Marc Byrd

In reviewing the deluxe anniversary edition of Hammock’s sophomore album, Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo, I was reminded of an interview I did with leader Marc Byrd, wherein we discussed said album. Here is said interview, reprinted in its entirety.

Hammock: Raising Your Voice…Trying To Stop An Echo (Deluxe Edition) (Hammock Music)

Tennessee ambient duo Hammock’s 2006 sophomore release didn’t so much represent a change in direction from their debut album Kenotic as it did reinforce its greatness. Ten years later, this deluxe edition expands it with nearly an hour’s worth of unreleased material. Still sounds otherworldly.

3AM Eternal: The Like “June Gloom” (2006)

This month, we’re going to be taking the term June Gloom quite literally, as we listen and examine and enjoy songs that are gloomy, depressing, melancholy, angry, bitter, and every negative emotion in between. Enjoy…but not too much!

3AM Eternal: Free Diamonds: There Should Be More Dancing (2006)

A quirky, punky British trio whose debut album easily defined the word “unique.”