Tag: Ace Records

James Carr, “A Losing Game”

A fine slab of Memphis soul from a brilliant but doomed singer.

Various Artists: Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs Present State Of The Union: The American Dream In Crisis 1967-1973 (Ace Records)

This absolutely essential compilation from musicologists and Saint Etienne masterminds Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs offers a very rare glimpse into how older, mainstream American pop musicians addressed the changing times of the Richard Nixon/Vietnam war era.

Song Of The Day: Rachel and The Revolvers: “The Revo-lution” c/w “Number One”

Remembering the vocalist Betty Willis, who died tragically this week, and who had a very small but important role in the history of one of rock music’s titans.

Various Artists: Take What You Need: UK Covers Of Bob Dylan Songs 1964-69 (Ace Records)

While the rest of the world was going crazy over the Beatles and the British Invasion, Bob Dylan was covertly conquering the hearts and minds of British musicians. Ace Records’ latest compilation serves as an excellent document of the love affair British artists had for the mysterious and cantankerous rocker.

Bobby Hatfield: The Other Brother: A Solo Anthology 1965-1970 (Ace Records)

When The Righteous Brothers split up in 1968, both members launched solo careers. Bobby Hatfield’s was quite low-key, releasing nothing more than a handful of singles and only one solo album. This new compilation shows that even though his solo career may have been brief, it wasn’t lackluster in terms of quality, as the music found here demonstrates.

Various Artists: Chartbusters USA: Special Country Edition (Ace Records)

For the fifth installment of Ace Records’ fantastic Chartbusters USA, the focus is squarely on Country crossovers, and provides for a satisfying listen.

Song Of The Day: Chet Ivey, “A Dose Of Soul”

Taken from the forthcoming Ace Records release A Dose Of Soul: The Sylvia Funk Recordings 1972-1975.

Ray Stevens: Face The Music: The Complete Monument Singles 1965-1970 (Ace Records)

Ray Stevens will always be known for his comedy records, but he used the opportunity of a new record deal as the chance to explore more serious fare, resulting in some excellent–if lesser known–music, and this compilation of his singles for the label shows him masterfully tackling more serious fare.

The Murmaids: A Few Of The Things We Love (Ace Records)

The story of early 60s girl group The Murmaids is a convoluted tale of music industry greed and abuse, but the sordid back story doesn’t cause a single blemish to the music they original group made–or the later incarnations with no actual founding members.

Various Artists: Out Of Left Field: Where Soul Meets Country (Ace Records)

This superb Ace Records compilation offers up two dozen fine Country versions of songs that were also released by Soul artists. These crossovers aren’t nearly as shocking as you might assume.