Song Of The Day: The Astros “Space Walk” c/w “Earth Hop”

The Astros

Can’t tell you much of anything about today’s artist; The Astros simply existed in the ether of obscurity. What they did do, however, was leave the world a fantastic slice of space music on a one-and-done 45. And indeed, it does sound out of this world. One might be tempted to think that a record like this might have a Joe Meek and/or Tornadoes-like sci-fi sound.


The Astros’ sound could best be described as jazzy, Spaghetti Western-like. It sounds remarkably futuristic–not of space travel, but of the sound of the 1990s and bands like Friends of Dean Martinez and Calexico. Very mellow rock here, people. “Space Walk” is heavy on the organ and vibraphone, slightly trippy without being druggy.  B-side “Earth Walk” is a more rock-minded variation of the flip side, this time sounding an awful lot like the Wrecking Crew, and it sounds superb.

The Astros may have only left the world four and a half minutes, but this single used that brevity quite wisely. A lovely curio worth seeking out, for sure

Purchase The Astros “Space Walk” c/w “Earth Hop”:  Ace Records


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