Song Of The Day: Idle Ray, “Last Show”

Idle Ray

Let’s face it, the last year has been tough. Fred Thomas’s new single offers one of the finest commentaries about this quite quiet and empty pandemic era. Using the name Idle Ray, he just quickly sings his song about the loneliness and the emptiness of life as of late. In less than two minutes, he sums up the angst of the era.

Let’s let Mr. Thomas take it from here:

Right now lots of us are feeling the surreal pain of the one-year anniversary of the last time we played a show or experienced live music in a room with other people. I wrote this over the summer, not necessarily about the last show I played, but about trying to ride the waves without the anchor of seeing friends, enemies, and everyone else at the gig. Like every other important song I’ve been a part of, it materialized from a few drifting thoughts and was fully formed and recorded by the end of the afternoon. Free to listen to or download at the link. I miss everyone so much.


Idle Ray: Bandcamp

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