Song Of The Day: Tripping Daisy, “Soothing Jubilee”

In 1999, Dallas-based rock band Tripping Daisy came to an unceremonious and tragic end when founding member (and all around great guy) Wes Berggren died suddenly. As his weirdo boy genius touch proved key to the band’s sound, the group understandably called it a day. But they had unfinished business; they had finished their fourth album, Tripping Daisy. Minus the major label budget, the band put together an amazing album on their own. Though lacking the bubblegrunge pop of their first two albums and the polished sheen of their masterful Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb, this self-titled affair stands on its own merits. What starts off as a bouncy rock album soon delves into a seamless record that feels inspired by the Abbey Road super medley.

We’ve always had a fondness for “Soothing Jubilee,” a low-key album cut that quickly became a favorite. It’s positively 10cc-like, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. It starts off slow and quiet, and then builds into this large, amazing explosion of sound. It’s a shame that the song didn’t get the chance to become a live standard. (Yours truly isn’t even sure it was ever played live.)  It was to be the newest song–and de facto last new Tripping Daisy song–as it was an outtake later added after Berggren’s passing. Wes’s father Don, a musician in his own right, added the guitar parts to the track. (The actual final Tripping Daisy recording was “Community Mantra,” which begins the album.)

Tripping Daisy will soon be released on vinyl for the first time ever.

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