Tag: Britpop

3AM Eternal: The Jennifers, “Tomorrow’s Rain” (1991)

A rare treat from a band who would record one record for a major label, find itself dropped, and would regroup themselves to become one of the most popular British bands in the 1990s. Guess who!

3AM Eternal: The Hussy’s “We Expected” (2007)

A fun little angry pop nugget from Scotland.

60FT Dolls: The Big 3 (3 Loop Music)

This deluxe, expanded reissue of British rockers 60FT Dolls’ debut album is brimming with promise, excitement, and downright wonderful tunes; it is an album that has matured gracefully.

Oasis: (What’s The Story) Morning Glory (Big Brother)

Oasis’ second album was the masterpiece the Gallagher brothers always bragged they had in them. The expanded edition further proves the maxim, “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

3AM Eternal: Blur “Coffee & TV” (1999)

Milky!  ❤  

Cud: The Complete BBC Sessions (3 Loop Music)

  Okay, first things first. If you’ve never heard of Leeds-based Cud, this massive four-CD set isn’t the starting place for you–your best bet is 2006 anthology Rich and Strange. It’s a great collection, compiling the best of the entirety of their career. For the hardcore Cud-dets, though, this is a great collection that captures… Read More ›