3AM Eternal: The Jennifers, “Tomorrow’s Rain” (1991)

the gennifers

The Jennifers were a one-and-done band who released exactly one official record, Just Got Back Today, on Nude Records. The four-track EP is a collection of melodic rock songs, with a hint of a nostalgic bent to them and an air of Britishness. The EP didn’t sell, the label dropped them, and that would normally be the end of the story. But nope…they would change their name, add a few new members, and go about recording new material as Supergrass. ¬†“Tomorrow’s Rain” closes the EP, and for the life of me, I can’t help noticing how proto-Britpop it seems; two years later it could have passed as an Oasis tune–and a fine one at that. So please, enjoy this rarity.

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