Tag: Cherry Pop

Deee-Lite: World Clique (Cherry Pop)

For a brief time, Deee-Lite was one of the most original dance bands in the world. World Clique, their debut, was also their masterpiece, a blend of funk, soul, techno, disco, and just plain outer-space retro weirdness. It wasn’t destined to last, and it didn’t; but in 1990, you couldn’t top ’em. This expanded reissue shows why.

Basia: The Sweetest Illusion (Cherry Pop)

Polish jazz-pop vocalist Basia’s third album was a rewarding maturation of the sounds that had brought her international success four years previous, and this expanded edition highlights just how fantastic this album was, even as it served to be her final major solo release.

Matt Bianco: Whose Side Are You On: Deluxe Edition (Cherry Pop)

Matt Bianco’s 1984 debut album was a definitive release for the sophisti-pop genre; this reissue compiles the band’s album and contemporary singles and remixes, and only enhances the album’s rightful legacy.

Betty Boo: Grrr! It’s Betty Boo (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Pop)

The sultry, sassy pop on Betty Boo’s sophomore album, Grrr! It’s Betty Boo was superior, intelligent dance pop that promised a great future for this young, talented woman. Shame it didn’t happen that way; still, this is a fine reminder of just how special Betty Boo was.

Modern Romance: Adventures In Clubland (Cherry Pop)

Two members of a short-lived but up-and-coming punk rock group ditched the punk rock and went straight for the jugular of Latin, Salsa and Rap, with a handful of hot dance singles. Adventures In Clubland, their debut, doesn’t quite capture that magic, but this expanded edition makes a case for their overall talent.

Julia Fordham: Julia Fordham (Cherry Pop)

Scottish jazz/pop vocalist Julia Fordham’s debut album was a strong, promising start to what has been a fruitful career. This deluxe version proves the point.

Halo James: Witness (Cherry Pop)

English pop trio Halo James’ existence was brief. A victim of circumstance and a label’s inability to understand how to market them would prove their undoing. This deluxe reissue highlights a lost pop gem from a band that deserved better.

Basia London Warsaw New York (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Pop/Cherry Red)

Jazz vocalist Basia’s second album was a platinum-selling record that has lost none of its appeal twenty-five years later, and this deluxe reissue only makes it more special.

Taylor Dayne: Tell It To My Heart (Cherry Pop)

The multi-million selling smash debut album for Taylor Dayne sees a reissue, with a plethora of remixes.

Thompson Twins: Remixes and Rarities (Cherry Pop)

A 2-CD compilation of Thompson Twins’ best remixes and b-sides.