Song Of The Day: Exposé, “Tell Me Why”

To me, the pop trio Exposé will always remind me of my Senior year of High School. Not that I was a particular fan of this strain of pop, but a few artists had their moments, and “Tell Me Why” was Exposé’s. It’s a catchy, driving pop song that just screams mall culture, high school dance/pop radio, and I have to admit that, even in my cool-guy stance…I kinda liked it. Their second album, 1989’s What You Don’t Know, has been expanded into a three-disc behemoth of pop goodness, featuring 45 songs in total. For me, that’s probably 40 Exposé songs more than I’ll need, but let’s not begrudge them that one wonderful pop number, shall we?


What You Don’t Know is available now via Cherry Pop.

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