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3AM Eternal: McGough & McGear, “Mr. Tickle” (1968)

We’re back! Our dormant daily feature is back, and this time, we’re paying tribute to Paul McCartney and his music. First up…an interesting little number, which leads us into today’s big feature…

Ray Stevens: Face The Music: The Complete Monument Singles 1965-1970 (Ace Records)

Ray Stevens will always be known for his comedy records, but he used the opportunity of a new record deal as the chance to explore more serious fare, resulting in some excellent–if lesser known–music, and this compilation of his singles for the label shows him masterfully tackling more serious fare.

Redd Foxx: You Gotta Wash Your Ass (Real Gone Music)

One of comedy’s greatest albums, and one of the best from “the funniest two four letter words in showbiz” gets a proper reissue.

3AM Eternal: Redd Foxx: Jokes I Can’t Tell On Television (1969)

Let’s get a little blue for the weekend, shall we?

Andy Kaufman: Andy And His Grandmother (Drag City)

    Andy Kaufman was a troublemaker, a clown, a goof, a prankster, a cretin, a curious mind, and, most importantly, a genius. This compilation, Andy And His Grandmother,¬† is a collection of some of the best of the reported¬† thousands of hours of his recorded conversations, dialogues, and experiments.¬† As you listen through the… Read More ›