Redd Foxx: You Gotta Wash Your Ass (Real Gone Music)

1975 was a very good year for Redd Foxx. He was at the top of his career, thanks to the success of Sanford and Son. He had been a prolific live performer, and had dozens of hilarious comedy records to his name. His “race records” were considered very “blue” at the time, but sound comparatively G-rated fifty years later.

You Gotta Wash Your Ass, however, is definitely an adult record. More in tune with the work of Richard Pryor, this set finds Foxx in fine, nasty, and somewhat angry form. True to form, he delivers one-liners at a rapid pace, a mixture of some of his classic jokes and new material. But unlike his older material, he interacts with the audience—and not in a very friendly way. He deals with hecklers with a swift slash of his wit. “Where’s Lamont?” one gentleman yells out. “With yo’ mama!” he yells back.

You Gotta Wash Your Ass has become a comedy classic, and rightly so; it’s funny, it’s biting, it’s lewd, it’s Redd Foxx—the funniest two four letter words in showbiz—at his best. But the thing about it is–there are tons of equally worthy live sets from Foxx, most . Here’s hoping someone does the rest of his excellent catalog right.

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