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Tasmin Archer

Tasmin Archer: Sweet Little Truths: The EMI Recordings 1992-1996 (Cherry Pop)

In 1992, British singer/songwriter Tasmin Archer released one of the year’s best albums, Great Expectations. But that album’s superb promise was never realized, as her label dropped the ball on her. Sweet Little Truths offers up her complete recordings for the label, and is easily one of the most essential reissues of 2020.

Song Of The Day: Lydia Loveless, “Alison”

Taken from the Bloodshot Records release, Boy Crazy And Single(s).

George Jones: Ladies’ Choice/My Very Special Guests (Morello)

George Jones was a notoriously difficult musician, and this twofer highlights just how oddly problematic he could be.

Robert Wyatt: Different Every Time (Domino)

The impossible-to-categorize Robert Wyatt compiles two discs of highlights from a storied career. It’s not definitive, but it is essential listening.