Song Of The Day: Lydia Loveless, “Alison”

lydia loveless

Columbus, Ohio’s Lydia Loveless is a young woman with a helluva voice, a keen sense of pathos that she can temper with a sardonic wit and just a touch of tear-in-your-beer emotion. It’s served her well; her four albums–the most recent of which came out last year–have all been critically well-received, and her profile is growing–and deservedly so. (In fact, yours truly profiled her in 2012, for the release of her Bloodshot Records debut, Indestructible Machine.)  Recently, Bloodshot released Boy Crazy And Single(s), a compilation of now highly sought-after rare 45 singles and the limited-edition Boy Crazy EPand this set features both originals and covers from artists as diverse as Prince and Kesha and Elvis Costello. It’s her take on “Alison” that really showed that she was a young woman to take seriously; released in 2010, it’s a stripped-down affair that’s faithful to the original, but it highlights the powerhouse that is her singing voice.

Boy Crazy And Single(s) is out now on Bloodshot Records.

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