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Tag: 2012

Song Of The Day: Lydia Loveless, “Alison”

Taken from the Bloodshot Records release, Boy Crazy And Single(s).

Song Of The Day: Aberdeen, “She Loves To Feel The Sun”

Taken from the Aberdeen release, Grey Skies Don’t Last: Extras 1992-2012.

Peter Hook & The Light: Unknown Pleasures Tour 2012: Live In Leeds (Westworld)

Though it was a controversial move, Peter Hook & The Light’s decision to set out on tour performing the music of Joy Division was a good one. This live document from 2012 is a scorching tribute to his fallen band.

The Melvins: Across The USA in 51 Days: The Movie (Ipecac Recordings)

This short film captures The Melvins during their 2012 “51 shows in 51 days tour,” and is less a tour documentary than a collage that wonderfully captures the mindset of a band on the road with a lot of spare time on their hands. In other words: twisted, demented fun. In other words, The Melvins!

3AM Eternal: Tame Impala “Elephant” (Todd Rundgren Mix) (2012)

The sound of a new band handing over one of its songs to one of their inspirations for a remix. The results? Wonderful

3AM Eternal: The Magnetic Fields “When Next In Love I Fall” (2012)

If Cole Porter and Dorothy Parker had a drunken one-night stand….

3AM Eternal: Pet Shop Boys “Memory Of The Future” (2012)

A wistful pop number from the always-brilliant creative team of Tennant/Lowe.

3AM Eternal: The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Blue Order/New Monday” (2012)

One of the best songs from one of the best albums by one of The Recoup’s favorite bands. It will chill you out if you need it, but it will also inspire you as you start your day as well…

3AM Eternal: The Dandelion War We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes (2012)

Drop-dead gorgeous ambient rock from California.

3AM Eternal: Again, For The Win We’ve Been Here Forever (2012)

Big, epic rock from Austin, Texas.