3AM Eternal: The Brian Jonestown Massacre “Blue Order/New Monday” (2012)


We’re big fans of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the past few years have been very rewarding for those who enjoy and appreciate the work of Anton Newcombe. The band’s 2012 album, Aufheben, was an impressive record that showed Newcombe’s muse was diligently inspiring him to explore and experiment with sound, and the resulting album was and is easily one of his best albums to date. While Newcombe’s dry, clever wit has always provided for some amusing song titles, don’t let them fool you. This number closes the album, and is a wonderful blast of rhythmic psychedelia that will coat your sound canals and aural orifices with a heady, gentle rhythm. It’s a good song to chill out to at the end of your night, and a reflective number to start your day with, too. 

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