Tag: Summertime Rolls

3AM Eternal: Santo & Johnny “Sleepwalk” (1959)

A haunting little instrumental concludes this month of gloomy June songs.

3AM Eternal: Sharon Jones “I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Is In” (2004)

A funky take on a classic hippie anthem from one of the queens of modern soul. Enjoy!

3AM Eternal: Tame Impala “Elephant” (Todd Rundgren Mix) (2012)

The sound of a new band handing over one of its songs to one of their inspirations for a remix. The results? Wonderful

3AM Eternal: Brian Hyland “Sealed With A Kiss” (1962)

An endearing, enduring pop ballad classic about the end of the summer.

3AM Eternal: Kenny G featuring Earth, Wind, and Fire “The Way You Move” (2004)

Yes, you read correctly. Yes, it’s the Outkast song. Just check it out, why don’t ya? You won’t be sorry!

3AM Eternal: The Field Mice, “September’s Not So Far Away” (1991)

Well it is, isn’t it?

3AM Eternal: The Magnetic Fields “When Next In Love I Fall” (2012)

If Cole Porter and Dorothy Parker had a drunken one-night stand….

3AM Eternal: Madonna “Borderline” (1983)

Madonna would make her name with Like A Virgin, but this number, taken from her self-titled debut album, proved that she didn’t need to rely on persona to sell her records.

3AM Eternal: Pet Shop Boys “Memory Of The Future” (2012)

A wistful pop number from the always-brilliant creative team of Tennant/Lowe.

3AM Eternal: Deerhunter “Snakeskin” (2015)

Once again we invoke the power to go contemporary, and this time, it’s the impressive new single from a band we’ve always been impressed by.