Song Of The Day: Aberdeen, “She Loves To Feel The Sun”

California-based Aberdeen were one of the last signings to the legendary Sarah Records label, and though their tenure was brief, they would later reform, releasing a handful of delightful new records. Grey Skies Don’t Last: Extras 1992-2012 collects unreleased material, remixes, covers, and compilation tracks that the band released over its lifetime. One of my favorites is taken from their reunion era, the unreleased number, “She Loves to Feel The Sun.” If the song reminds you a bit of Trembling Blue Stars, it’s because vocalist Beth Arzy also served in that band as well. The band would rework and rerecord the song for their newest project, The Luxembourg Signal. Either way, it’s a catchy, upbeat pop number that will have you hitting repeat.

Grey Skies Don’t Last: Extras 1992-2012 is available now from Aberdeen.

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