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Even As We Speak


We are pleased to present for your viewing consideration the first look at Australian indie-pop band Even As We Speak’s new video from their comeback album Adelphi, due next month via Shelflife Records.


Various Artists: C90 (Cherry Red)

1990 proved to be a very, very good year for British independent music. C90, Cherry Red’s latest in their C86-inspired compilation series, is a mammoth collection of some of the finest known and forgotten talents of the scene.

The Springfields

The Springfields: Singles 1986-1991 (Slumberland Records)

This brief but satisfying collection compiles the entire recorded output of the short-lived Illinois indie-pop band The Springfields, and these songs served as fair warning of the greatness that was soon to come with their next incarnation, Velvet Crush.

Song Of The Day: John Girgus & The Legendary House Cats, “Act Two”

Taken from the UPB Music Group release, “Act Two.”

Action Painting!: Trial Cuts (1989–1995) (Emotional Response)

Action Painting! was one of the more obscure acts on Sarah Records, and this collection compiles most of their output for the label, along with a plethora of excellent bonus tracks that tell a story of a forgotten but now reunited band.

Song Of The Day: Boyracer, “I’ve Got It (And It’s Not Worth Having)”

Taken from the Emotional Response release, Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill.

The Orchids: Who Needs Tomorrow…A 30 Year Retrospective (Cherry Red)

Glasgow’s The Orchids were one of Sarah Records’ flagship bands, and though they initially came to an end at the same time their label folded, they would reunite a decade later, releasing some of their finest work to date. This two-disc collection serves as a wonderful introduction to the band, offering one disc of their best moments, and one disc of choice rarities and unreleased material.

Song Of The Day: Even As We Speak, “(All You Find Is) Air”

Taken from the Emotional Response release, Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions.

Song Of The Day: Aberdeen, “She Loves To Feel The Sun”

Taken from the Aberdeen release, Grey Skies Don’t Last: Extras 1992-2012.

3AM Eternal: The Field Mice, “September’s Not So Far Away” (1991)

Well it is, isn’t it?