Song Of The Day: Even As We Speak, “(All You Find Is) Air”

Australia’s Even As We Speak were associated with the esteemed indie-pop cult label Sarah Records, but their music was always a cut above their label mates; they were a bit odd in that they sprinkled their sole album, 1993’s Feral Pop Frenzy, with minute-long sonic passages and patches of odd found sound that could be oddly prog-rock, while their songs–often short bursts never longer than two to three minutes–were both punky and sophisticated, and split the difference of jangly indie-pop (think Talulah Gosh, The Primitives) and Sophistipop (think Everything But The Girl, Swing Out Sister). They were loved by John Peel and the BBC, and their new album Yellow Food, compiles their sessions in one lovely collection. “(All You Find Is) Air” is more pop-oriented, one that bridges the worlds of Sarah Records and Sarah Cracknell, and was taken from their final Sarah Records release, 1993’s Blue Eyes Deceiving Me. If any band is in dire need of a full career compilation, it’s this one; that they’ve reunited and recently released a smashing EP is joyous news indeed. Now, about that early years comp…

Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions is available now via Emotional Response.

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  1. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIERE: Even As We Speak, "Unknown"

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