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J Mascis

J Mascis: Fed Up And Feeling Strange: Live And In Person 1993-1998 (Cherry Red)

Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis occasionally stepped away from the full band experience for a handful of solo acoustic performances. Fed Up And Feeling Strange captures those moments, offering not only his first-ever solo acoustic performance, but also his 1995 solo album Martin & Me, and a loose but fun show from 1998, shortly before dissolving his band.

Harry Dean Stanton

Harry Dean Stanton With The Cheap Dates: October 1993 (Omnivore)

October 1993 offers insight into the musical prowess of actor Harry Dean Stanton with his backing band The Cheap Dates. This new collection offers studio cuts and a scorching live set, and shows just how damn fine a musician Stanton happened to be.

Dinosaur Jr: Where You Been (Cherry Red)

The Grunge boom of 1992 reaped dividends for Dinosaur Jr, who met the new sound with aplomb and delivered a fantastic and still well-regarded album. This two-disc reissue offers an exciting and enjoyable dive into the heady years of when Dinosaur Jr roamed the land.

The Spinanes: Manos (Merge Records)

The 25th anniversary of one of the best albums of the 1990s is a cause for celebration, and this no-frills reissue does just that.

1/45: Royal Trux “Back to School” c/w “Cleveland” (1993)

This week, we introduce a reoccurring feature wherein we highlight meaningful 45 singles in tribute to our editor’s 45th year on the planet. Our first selection is a noisy but delectable slice of unique sludge-rock straight out of 1993, one that is fitting to this time of year.

Song Of The Day: Boyracer, “I’ve Got It (And It’s Not Worth Having)”

Taken from the Emotional Response release, Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill.

Nino Tempo: Purveyor of Balladry: The Best Of Nino Tempo On Atlantic (Omnivore)

For such an accomplished and respected saxophonist, Nino Tempo has an amazingly small solo discography. This recent collection compiles the best of his early 1990s releases for Atlantic, and it offers some of the coolest jazz you’ll hear.

Song Of The Day: The Cranberries, “Linger”

A memory recalled upon learning of the sudden passing of Dolores O’Riordan.

Song Of The Day: Even As We Speak, “(All You Find Is) Air”

Taken from the Emotional Response release, Yellow Food: The Peel Sessions.

Bash & Pop: Friday Night Is Killing Me (Omnivore Recordings)

The Replacements’ legendary guitarist, Tommy Stinson, stepped out on his own with a new band Bash & Pop. It came and went in a flash twenty years ago, but their debut, Friday Night Is Killing Me, is still an impressive record, twenty four years after its release, an impressive grand slam of straightforward, unpretentious rock and roll.